Gaming Glasses

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Our Gaming Glasses increase your endurance

Whether you and your team are locked in a battle of Fortnite on your laptop, or you're cruising the lush terrain of Gran Turismo on your 4K television, Ambr Eyewear's glasses for gaming will block harmful blue light rays emitted from screens; allowing you to play harder, faster and longer.

Better yet, our glasses look great. They won't make you look like a character from Star Wars.
Gamers in particular are quite vulnerable to digital eye strain, but not only because of the extra hours in front of the screen. Because gamers are so concentrated, blinking rate decreases and their eyes rapidly move to capture movements on the screen. These two actions mean gamers are more susceptible to computer vision syndrome and eye fatigue.

You've probably heard the old adage that "too much computer games make your eyes go square" - well, while this isn't true, what your mother probably meant was that you'll do damage to your eyes if you stare at the screen too long. And in this sense, she was right.

The artificial blue light emitted by gaming screens has both short and long term effects. It's effects are also more prevalent at night time. Firstly, you'll notice a dry or itchy sensation in your eyes, followed by headaches and general discomfort. Studies have also shown that prolonged gaming can lead to disruption of regular sleeping patterns, which you've probably noticed. This is because blue light reduces your ability to produce melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone.

In the long term, researchers have suggested that exposure to artificial blue light can contribute to future vision problems, like cataracts or age-related macular degeneration (AMD)

Lucky, our computer glasses are fitted with industry-leading lenses that filter out over half of these harmful blue light wavelengths. They're coated with premium anti-glare coating that reflects any visual noise from entering your line of sight. What's more, our lenses are clear, meaning they look great and also don't alter the wonderful colour of game's digital landscape.

You'll gain a competitive advantage from the improved clarity and comfort, becoming sharper and more alert when you're fighting the bad guys.