Humble beginnings

Sacha Cahill and Dan Nugent did not want to look like cyborgs.

But neither did they want to put up with the headaches and insomnia caused by long hours at work spent staring at computer screens. Problem was, the only computer glasses available at the time were those weird post-apocalyptic orange-tinted monstrosities.

So they decided to make their own. And Ambr Eyewear was founded there and then, in the kitchen of their house in Dublin, Ireland.

The pair, one a design graduate, the other with a background in digital marketing, began working on prototypes for a whole new kind of blue light blocking glasses.

Better designed, better looking, and better performing than anything else on the market.

Finally, with the last of their savings, they launched a limited range of designs through their homemade website. Media outlets and influencers quickly picked up on them and within three days every pair had sold out. They even opened their own shop.

Two years later, their glasses are protecting the eyes of people in almost 80 countries. 

And none of them look even vaguely cyborg-ish.

Our process


In our workshop, we brainstorm. We argue. We design. We create.

Then we have lunch.


In our production house, raw materials combine to become beautiful frames.

Then someone gets to use a laser to put the logo on.


Our lenses are crafted from a natural pigment, but we can’t tell you too much about this part, because it’s a secret.

(Basically some stuff happens and we end up with these really durable blue-blockers that look just like normal lenses.)


And after a thorough quality control check, we hand pack each pair.

Sometimes in our kitchen.

Then we have dinner.