Computer Glasses for Kids | Protection for an Increasingly Digital Lifestyle

These days, children are growing up in an environment filled with digital screens. At home, at school and even travelling, kids are engaging with devices more than ever. It's important to limit this time; but when that's not possible, Ambr Eyewear is here to help protect children's eye from harmful blue light.

A Preventative and Protective Measure

Recent studies from the University of Toledo have shown that blue light exposure speeds up macular degeneration and blindness. Although we are not 100% sure of the future consequences for children, we certainly encourage parents to take a proactive and preventative stance against screen use.

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An Underdeveloped Pigment in Children

As child's eyes have not yet developed a natural pigment to filter Blue & UV light, they are more susceptible to the negative effects of blue light exposure.

Our children's computer glasses may also help against:

  • Difficulty sleeping due to suppressed levels of melatonin
  • Painful headaches and eye strain issues
  • Blurred vision and itchy, red eyes

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