Our Screen Glasses Reduce Eye Strain

If your job or hobby requires lengthy times in front of a screen - computer, tablet, smartphone or otherwise - you've probably experienced the uncomfortable symptoms of digital eye strain. It's a condition that's become more widespread in the last decade, with over 65% of employees in computer-related jobs saying they've felt the headaches, dry eyes, eye fatigue or sleeplessness connected to the condition.

Luckily, Ambr glasses are here to make your screen time much more bearable and more productive. Our lenses are specially formulated to filter over 55% of the harmful blue light that's emitted by the screens you use everyday. They're also equipped with premium anti-glare coating to further increase your, meaning no dazzling reflections will hit your lens.

Our glasses for screen use are not like many of the versions you see online. You've probably seen some of the ones we mean, with orange in colour and resembling something from Star Trek rather than a pair of spectacles. While these models may help fight digital eye strain, the problem is that the deep tints not only look rather silly, but also strongly affect your colour perception. This of course is not ideal for those of us in creative or design roles that require a sharp eye for colours.

Ambr screen glasses have been especially engineered to provide clarity for both the wearer and the onlooker. Our glasses have a very minimal tint that's only really noticeable when help against a white sheet of paper. This means your colour perception will remain unaffected, and you'll also look super stylish around your workspace.
We're so confident you'll love your Ambr glasses that we offer a free 30 day returns policy. There's also free shipping worldwide, so go on, give them a try and see how our glasses can make your workday more comfortable!


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