Our Anti-Glare Glasses give you protection

The glare from our computer screens is making life uncomfortable. The devices that we use on a daily basis emit high-intensity light that acts as 'visual noise 'when we're trying to get on with our work. This 'visual noise' negatively affects our ability to focus on the screen and can cause us to experience the symptoms of Digital Eye Strain.

A recent report by The Vision Council found that over 65% of modern professionals experience Digital Eye Strain on a regular basis. If you've felt the unpleasant sensation of dry, itchy eyes, blurred vision or prolonged headaches at work, chances are you might belong to this 65%.

It's a pretty new phenomenon, brought on by the ever-growing dependence on digital devices in our daily lives. Not just at work, but even at home, in our vehicles, at the gym or out for dinner; we're clicking and tapping away. In fact, we're clicking and tapping for up to 10 hours per day.

Ambr Eyewear wants to eradicate the discomfort of glare from workplaces, homes, and anywhere else where prolonged screen-staring is taking place. The lenses in our frames come equipped with a premium anti-glare coating (also know as an AR or anti-reflective coating) that fights against this artificial glare.

As soon as you put your glasses on, the absorption of the screen by your eyes will be less intense, calmer and more focused. Your sharpness of vision will be improved, which ultimately means you'll be able to see better because there won't be any distracting reflections.

You may notice that glare can be more intense at night time, when you're lying in bed scrolling through the day's news. You may reduce the brightness on your phone and that might help a little, but ultimately you close your eyes and can still feel that familiar, uncomfortable throbbing. Ambr glasses will protect your eyes in this vulnerable environment.

The technology in our lenses is designed to fight the effects of glare, but they're also designed to combat even more problems associated with excessive screen use. Harmful blue light rays from screen are filtered out by over 55%, and we also include the tiniest hint of magnification to give your eyes a little more zoom power.
Ambr glasses are the complete solution to the problems associated with excessive screen use. Click the button below to check out our frames or return to homepage.

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